Sue & Richard

We are going fantastic, loving life and dreaming big….!

We are also going great with Grandmas Jars, I have adjusted a few things to make it work for us a little better and LOVE IT.

We have recently been on a European Holiday which and have returned home not owing a cent….AMAZING I say and thank you for some amazing hints with regards to our savings etc.

In January when we assessed where it was that we were at and what we wanted. Our most important thing was to not only reduce our debt but live an amazing life along the way and we have been doing just that.

Our initial goals were to reduce our Visa card, David jones account and bike loan to nil. We also wanted to reduce our home loan and have a cash reserve in place.

So far we have built a small cash reserve, have paid off both the visa card and David jones card and are on track to have the bike loan paid off by the end of the year.

Phil, you passion astounds me and I caught it during those two phone calls and I am driven to see my family live a life without fear, live a life of financial security and live a life full of passion and fun, all whilst never losing touch of our humanistic and compassionate sides.

Again I thank you and am grateful for having been introduced to you

Sue and Richard