Get your finances on track, no matter what your financial situation is with the ‘Master Your Money Boot Camp’ and learn how to:

  • Break the pay cheque to pay cheque cycle
  • Save money
  • Alleviate stress caused by debts
  • Stop worrying about bills
  • Afford the things that matter to you
  • Feel in control of your finances!

Course Overview

The ‘Master Your Money Boot Camp’ online course will help you get your finances on track, no matter what your financial situation is. You will learn to see beyond the clutter, quantify your situation, formulate  a plan, measure your progress and set realistic goals. 

Phil McGilvray will take you through the process with an easy to follow step-by-step approach where you’ll work through the series of tutorials. Each tutorial includes:

A video lesson

A summary of the content

Worksheets to implement what you learn

A download of the slides


Module # 1 – The Foundation

Explore how our habits can impact our finances, learn how to gain an understanding of your income and expenses and how to go about budgeting to a monthly cycle.

  • Tutorial 1 – One Simple Yet Powerful Habit
  • Tutorial 2 – Understanding Your Income
  • Tutorial 3 – Understanding Your Expenses
  • Tutorial 4 – Three Tasks to Help you Understand your Expenses
  • Tutorial 5 – Budgeting to a Monthly Cycle

Module # 2 – Establishing a Sustainable Surplus

Learn to compare your income and expenses, understand if you have a ‘true savings’ and then we look at common areas of over-expenditure.

  • Tutorial 1 – Comparing Income and Expenses
  • Tutorial 2 – True Savings: Facing up to Reality – Both Scary and Empowering
  • Tutorial 3 – Common Areas of Over-Expenditure
  • Tutorial 4 – Reducing the Cost of Debt

Module # 3 – Establish a Money Management System

We explore our proven budgeting methodology, what your budget must tell you, the ideal bank account structure for your budget and how to reconcile your budget with your bank account.

  • Tutorial 1 – Grandma’s Jars: Simple But Effective
  • Tutorial 2 – Four Things a Budget Must Tell You
  • Tutorial 3 –The Ideal Bank Account Structure to Support Your Budget
  • Tutorial 4 –Reconciling Your Budget With Your Bank Account

Module # 4 – Putting Your Surplus to Work

We look at creating your roadmap to financial peace, looking at budget shortfalls and how to overcome them, how you can escape the pay cheque to pay cheque cycle and how to create a debt repayment plan.

  • Tutorial 1 – Your Roadmap to Financial Peace
  • Tutorial 2 – The Budget Shortfall
  • Tutorial 3 – Escaping the Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque Cycle
  • Tutorial 4 – The Debt Repayment Plan
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Here’s what our clients have to say

paul-teresa …there is no longer periods of tension in our marriage relating to our finances.

Paul & Teresa

James_and_Prue_Clifton We were well behind financially. The fact that we do not have to think about where the next mortgage payments or insurance money will be coming from makes life a breeze. Grandmas Jars could not come with a higher recommendation.

James and Prue

dalekayla “We owe nothing on the credit card and even managed to sneak overseas for a month on a trip that was all paid for…”

– Dale and Kayla

pele After almost eight months with Grandma’s Jars, I definitely feel in control of my finances. I am now officially debt free!


Meet your Instructor

Phil McGilvray, Founder of Grandma’s Jars Budgeting

Phil McGilvray is Founder of Grandma’s Jars Budgeting, a proven home budgeting system that combines old fashioned common sense and today’s technology to help people master their money. As a personal budgeting expert for over 15 years, Phil has helped hundreds of people take control of their finances.

Are you ready to stop the paycheque-to-paycheque cycle?