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The most common statement I hear as a Financial Coach is:

"Why were we never taught this?"

Some sobering facts:

  • 1 in 3  Australians aged 18 - 35 are living pay cheque to pay cheque and struggling with credit card debt
  •  1 in 5  Australians aged 18 - 35 could not find $500 in an emergency
  •  1 in 2  Australians aged 18 - 35 experience some kind of financial stress on a weekly basis
  •  1 in 4 households with home loans are in mortgage stress ( ie. they have more money going out than coming in!)

Unless we are proactive in teaching our children how to handle money, the odds are high that clever marketing and our consumer culture will lead them astray.

"Practical money skills, like other life skills, need to be lived to be learnt"

The “Money Skills For Life” (MSFL) program was created by Financial Coach and Educator -  Phil McGilvray - with the purpose of equipping teenagers and young adults with the practical knowledge and money skills they need to confidently navigate the financial challenges they will face in the adult world.

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Information session for Teenagers and Parents

The purpose of this session is to provide parents and teenagers with an overview of the Money Skills For Life (MSFL) program which will start in July and run throughout the 2nd half of the school year.

Money Skills need to be applied to be truly learnt so the objective of this program is to teach through practical application. To ensure the workshop learning overflows into their daily lives, teenagers will be assigned fun tasks to complete with the help of their parents.

The MSFL program will be series of 8 workshops that will cover the following:

  • Topic #1: How to set up and live to a budget so you always have money to pay the bills 
  •  Topic #2:  How to consistently save money for the things you really want
  •  Topic #3:  The ideal bank account structure, how many accounts do you need and how do you use them
  •  Topic #4:  Understanding debt - HECS, credit cards, interest free loans, car loans and mortgages
  •  Topic #5:  Employment - understanding pay slips, tax, superannuation 
  •  Topic #6:  Buying and maintaining a car
  •  Topic #7:  The power of compound interest and saving (investing) for the long term
  •  Topic #8:  The power of getting God involved in your finances

Typical program details

The details for this introductory session are as follows:

Where – Mosaic Baptist Church Community Centre, cnr of Dallachy St and Dallachy Pl, Page

When – 3pm to 5pm, Sunday July 22nd

Presenter - Phil McGilvray - Financial Coach and Founder of Grandma's Jars Budgeting and Christian Money Stuff

Parents - Money skills are core life skills; it would be awesome if you could be part of this process so you can keep the conversation and learning going at home.

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