The Debt Snowball is the Most Affirming and Effective Way to Pay Off your Debts


This worksheet walks you through how to implement the debt snowball to pay down your debt fast. Not only is this method effective, it is also the most positive way to handle your debts.

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At Grandma’s Jars we are passionate about helping people free themselves from the burden of debt. We know how hard it can be to overcome debt, but we also know that with the right structure even the toughest debts can be conquered.

The 'Debt Snowball Strategy' is a method we have been successfully using with our clients for over 15 years to get them out of debt and keep them motivated. 

The number one benefit of the debt snowball, besides paying off debt, is feeling like you are making a difference and reaching your goal step by step. This positive affirmation is something other debt repayment strategies lack. 

The Debt Snowball Worksheet