Does Buying Gifts Stress You and Your Wallet?


People spend a lot more on gift giving than they realize. Whether it is for their children, their family, or their friends, our clients are always suprised how much they end up spending on gifts.

These expenses can really put a strain on your budget and finances, which is why we have created this worksheet - to make gift buying stress and guilt free.

Plan how much you will spend on gifts this year with the gift list worksheet.

Use this worksheet to plan how much you will spend on gifts for the next 12 months. When occasions arise, the money will already be set aside for gifts. Preparing for gifts ahead of time will reduce stress, guilt or the need for a credit card.

Christmas got you stressed?

At Grandma's Jars our goal is to help our clients plan and prepare for Christmas throughout the year so that when December arrives, the money for food, presents, entertainment and holidays is set aside and ready to be spent and enjoyed.

Saving money ahead of time and planning will create no need for stress, guilt or the credit card!! 

Gift List Worksheet