We have cleared our debt, reduced monthly outgoing expenses, and saved a bucket of money. 

~ Sarah and Ian

For Those Who:

  • Feel like no matter what they do, their credit card debt never goes away

  • Want to learn a system to reduce their credit card debt that WORK

  • Are tired of struggling with their finances month to month

  • Feel like their credit card debt is holding them back from their goals

You Will Learn:

  • How to set up your accounts to best reduce your debt
  • The best way to pay off credit cards without sacrificing stability

  • Understand your exact financial situation

  • Why credit card debt is so hard to get out of

  • How to set up your Roadmap to Financial Peace - go from debt to savings with a proven plan.

Are You Ready to Remove the Shackles of Debt?

You don’t live an extravagant lifestyle but unexpected expenses, the occasional emergency and the increased cost of living have left you living pay cheque to pay cheque and struggling with credit card debt.

You diligently throw any spare money you have at your credit card but no matter what you do, the debt just won’t go away.

If financial stress and uncertainty are taking over your life then it’s time to join this 90 minute webinar and get an experts advice on how to establish a realistic budget, consistently save money and eliminate your credit card debt forever.


Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Credit Card Debt

This completely free webinar teaches a practical step by step system of money management and debt elimination that has worked for hundreds of people. For one reason or another each of these people were struggling financially but with the right system and perseverance they have taken back control of their finances and eliminated the financial stress from their lives. In this webinar, we want to share with you how they did it.

This webinar is free and there is no obligation except 90 minutes of your time. Are you ready to take the first step to financial peace? 

A word from Phil

Founder of Grandma's Jars

Over the years, we’ve integrated Grandma’s wisdom into a modern methodology replacing real jars with virtual jars and paper money has been replaced by online bank accounts. To provide encouragement and support, we are building a strong online community of like-minded members and coaches.

We care deeply about the success of our members and will do what we can to help your persevere and stay on track. If you slack off and forget to log in for a while, you can be sure a budget coach will follow up on you. At the end of each month, your personal financial coach will remind you to complete your End-of-Month Summary to ensure your budget reconciles with your bank account.

The power of a good budget is in what it allows us to achieve. After all, no one budgets for the sake of budgeting alone. We developed our budgeting methodology to help give our members a road map with which they could eliminating debt, build a cash reserve, and work towards achieving meaningful lifestyle goals.

Our goal is to make managing your finances and paying debts as easy and efficient as possible. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we have web and mobile apps, member forums, email reminders, and Skype based meetings with our financial coaches. Our heartfelt desire is that every member of Grandma’s Jars succeeds in taking control of his or her finances.

We know that our methodology works. We know that peoples' lives are changed for the better, providing them with a huge sense of peace and excitement regarding the future.

Grandma’s Jars will work for you. My team and I look forward to helping you achieve the financial peace you deserve.


Phil McGilvray
Co-Founder, CEO and Financial Coach

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