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Grandma’s Jars 6 Principles of Budgeting

Mobile Apps

Use the Grandma’s Jars mobile Apps will help you stay on top of your spending while you are out and about. 

Just a quick glance and you will know exactly how much you can afford to spend without blowing the budget… no guessing, no stress!

Enter your transactions into the budget as they occur so you know exactly where you stand in real time…


We have incorporated a bunch of fun and informative features into our budget app to make managing your money so much easier.

Easy to Set Up and Adjust Your Jars and Expenses

Your Dashboard

The Grandma’s Jars dashboard will help you see at a glance your recent transactions, your past 12 months of surplus or deficits, your most recent End of Month Summary and upcoming bills

Position Summary

Have complete clarity on where you stand financially and how adding or removing expenses will impact your capacity to save.

Mock Budget

Take the guesswork out of major financial decisions, whether it’s buying a house, changing jobs, starting a family, going back to study, the Mock Budget will allow you to model the financial implications of each scenario so you can make wise and informed decisions.