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Client Success Stories

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David & Lisa Morrison

Debbie Knudsen

Colin & Kathryn

Hannah and Chris

Liz Benny

Tom Lancaster

Isaac Kaufman

Samantha Gooden

Aniya Emtage

Andy McQuiggan

Rachel Danbury

Rhys Parry Badkin

Kristin Larsen


Alejandro Pacheco

Tobi & Emma

Dale & Kayla


Client Written Successes

Sue & Richard

We are going fantastic, loving life and dreaming big….!

Matt & Victoria

We no longer worry when our bills arrive, as we have money put aside to pay for them

James & Prue

We continually say to each other that we wish we had started this budget earlier

Sara & Ian

… over one year, we have … cleared our debt, reduced monthly outgoing expenses, and saved a bucket of

Trevor & Christine​

If only we had had your advice, budget planner and the confidence to make wise financial decisions 35+ years ago


After almost eight months with Grandmas jars, I definitely feel in control of my finances. I am now officially debt free!

Mel & Jed

Our intentions for our finances and planning for our future were always good

Paul & Teresa

Budgeting has now become a joint effort or partnership, and there is no longer periods of tension in our marriage relating to our finances.

Matt & Juliet

Worrying about car bills, feeling guilty over haircuts, or never having a holiday because we can’t justify the expense is no longer an issue.

Lachie & Sarah

..having a budgeting plan in place ensures we continue meeting our financial obligations while also catering for our expanding family.


… Phil has challenged me to really think about what it is I want my money to do, whilst keeping financial things in perspective …

Jen & Marcel

I had good intentions about paying off my mortgage quickly, but had nothing in place to help me achieve that

Jenny Olsen

Barb & Dave

Andra Dobrescu

Tropic Skincare

Roz & Geoff

Katie Webster

Transformative Coach

Emma Haslem

Dan & Kat

Karissa & Robbie

Joe Mann

Insights & Outreach


Jen & Duane


James & Prue

Ali & Jono

Liz & Luke


Paul & Varsha

Eric & Taylor

Client Written Successes

Ben & Sophie

We are about to embark on the new journey of parenthood with the certainty that the lifestyle we desire is affordable and manageable.

Duane & Jen

Phil’s advice and guidance has allowed us to save amounts we could only dream of, without feeling hugely restricted with spending.

Dale & Kayla

We owe nothing on the credit card and even managed to sneak overseas for a month on a trip that was all paid for … nothing owing on return!

Andrew & Leanne

It’s amazing to learn how much money is spent without realising it, all which can help pay off your bad debts

Chris & Katrina

In three years, we have been able to pay thousands off our mortgage … while not missing out on ‘living’.

Murray & Lisa ​

We started the Grandmas Jars program in August and the first thing we noticed was how much money we wasted by not paying attention.

John & Tamie

And the most important takeout from Phil’s advice has been establishing good financial discipline based on Biblical principles.

Erica & Jason

When my husband and I were referred to Phil, we really had no idea how to manage our finances

Alex & Angie

…instead of our bank balance going lower each month, we are actually managing to save money each month!

Dave & Barb ​

We may not actually have survived this latest most radical step to one income without using Grandma’s Jars under Phil’s guidance

Stu & Kat

We are so thankful that we began with Phil when we did. It has empowered us to face our financial future with whatever obstacles life throws at us


I came into the Bootcamp with one bank account and no system for keeping track of spending…

Hamish & Anna

After only 6 months we are easily able to account for every dollar we spend and can track how much we are actually saving on a monthly basis.


I was initially reluctant to pay for a full year of Phil, but soon learnt he, and Grandma’s Jars, were absolutely worth it!

Colin & Kathryn ​

No tricks. No moneymaking schemes. Good financial practices for us to use as we continue to adjust as our family grows.


Every month, I know exactly what I need to do; I’ve created boundaries for my spending that somehow don’t make me feel restricted.


Brighton & Thoko

Michael & Cameron

Liz Brimage

Aaron & Jenny

Cath & Tom

James & Megan


Sean & Kara

Liz Mackay

Amy & Murray

Client Written Successes

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