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The Power of Budgeting

This free book contains the basics and secrets of how to budget effectively.

Inside is a condensed version of our budgeting methodology we use with our clients. The Power of Budgeting is a great introduction to how Grandma’s Jars works.

Everything you will learn

Learn how to build your savings

How much do you need to save each week to start your nest egg? The answers are inside!

Manage Credit Cards and Loans

If you have loans or mortgages your are paying off, your budget can be set up to pay these off effortlessly.

Always Know Where Your Money Goes

A lot of people “budget” by looking at their accounts before a big purchase. With proper budgeting technique, you will be able to handle big expenses well ahead of time.

Financial Freedom is 100% Achievable With the Right Approach

Grandma’s Jars is both your virtual budgeting manual and lifestyle coach. As a first step, take advantage of our free ‘Power of Budgeting’ e-book below that will teach you how to set up a budget that works.

In the e-book, we outline our 6 stage process to creating a budgeting plan. Inside you can also find useful tools such as an expense tracking sheet that will help you to determine just how many expenses your household has each month. 

You can find a brief outline of the steps here:

You need to know where each source of income comes from, how frequent that source of income is and how much you receive each pay period.Add some content to your accordion item here.

The formula for doing this is a simple two-step process. 1. Convert your income to an annual figure. 2. Then divide this annual figure by 12 to give you a monthly figure.
Gaining a thorough understanding of all your expenses is the foundation of a successful budget and to do it properly takes time and effort
Using the same calculations identified in step #2 take time to convert each expense to a monthly figure.
A negative figure unfortunately indicates that you are currently spending more than you are earning. However do not be discouraged by this; you now know you are overspending, you know by how much and you have an opportunity to do something about it.
If you have a deficit you need to go back through your budget to find some places you can realistically reduce your expenditure.

Phil’s advice and guidance has allowed us to save amounts we could only dream of, without feeling hugely restricted with spending.

- Duane & Jen

Based on our 15+ years of experience comes the Power of Budgeting e-book. Our proven budgeting methodology has helped hundreds of people get the most out of their finances. 

Power Of Budgeting

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