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Generosity is a core value of Grandma’s Jars. We believe ‘People Matter’ and that true success in life is not about how much we can get but rather how much we can give. With that in mind, we are committed to building Grandma’s Jars on a foundation of generosity. A portion of every subscription, every month will be donated to projects making a difference. 

Amount Donated to Date = $4,506.15

Projects we currently support

Entrust Foundation


Entrust Foundation is an Australian based organisation that connects donors with quality projects making a difference in the lives of people and communities in developing countries. Entrust sources the project, provides best practice advice to the implementing partners and monitors performance to ensure the money given by donors has maximum impact. A significant benefit of giving through Entrust is that they are 100% self funded, which means that every dollar given goes directly to the projects.

You can find out more about the Entrust Foundation by clicking here.

Entrust Foundation – Clean Water, Healthy Life (Cambodia)

‘Clean Water, Healthy Life’ is a three year project focused on providing families in rural Cambodia with access to safe clean drink water through the provision of wells, water filters and latrines. The project also provides vital hygiene and sanitation education. The goal of this 3 year project is to provide 3,350 families (over 20,000 individuals) with access to safe, clean water at an average cost of $6 per person!

In February 2016, Founder Phil McGilvray and his family had the privilege to travel with Entrust to meet the ‘Clean Water, Healthy Life’ team and ride along as they visited rural villages conducted education sessions and distributed water filters. Check out more about there journey below:

A New Perspective

Safe, clean water is something we so take for granted in Australia but for the people we visited, safe clean water was a life changing event. Unsafe water is the biggest killer of children under age 5 and is responsible for 80% of illnesses in developing countries. Villages involved with the ‘Clean water, Healthy Life’ projects have seen a 67% reduction in illnesses an 80% increase in school attendance, productivity has increased and the portion of household income allocated to purchasing fresh water has dropped significantly.

Our trip to Cambodia was a wonderful reminder of how seemingly small amounts of money to us can make a life changing difference to people in other parts of the world.

You can find more about the ‘Clean water, Healthy Life’ projects in Cambodia here

Many of the financial problems and stresses we face today are because we spend too much time looking at the ‘Joneses’ instead of focusing at the 95% of people worldwide who have less than what we have.

Our hope is that in giving people the tools and support they need to master their own finances, they will one day be in a position to help others.

Raising Awareness Worldwide

RAW Impact began in Cambodia in 2013 as a grassroots organisation, dedicated to providing a hand up to families living in poverty, not a hand out. Since then, they’ve built a school, established community farms along with a large scale bamboo farm, built a thriving bamboo village creating home and community for many families, facilitated teacher training for local Cambodian teachers and more.

EPM Village stands for Every Piece Matters and was constructed to house families currently living in slums and inadequate housing. These families are at risk of losing what home they currently have as they do not own their land. Through the generosity of many supporters, EPM Village has become home to many families and is a thriving community.

Our crew, along with teams of volunteers from around the world, have built close to 30 homes for families in the area who now belong to the EPM community. These bamboo homes provide safe shelter from the elements and safety in the community, as well as access to community gardens, toilets and clean running water.

Along with access to these facilities, our social work team provides fantastic resources around financial literacy, health education and life skills training to set families up to succeed.

Partnership Vision For Grandma’s Jars Members

We have been in discussions with Troy Roberts CEO of RAW Impact with a view to partnering with them to take a group of Grandma’s Jars clients and users to Cambodia to participate in the construction of the EPM Village in 2024 and beyond. 

This would be a life changing experience for everyone… Hopefully we will have some exciting news to share soon.

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