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What Budget Coaching Is, and What Budget Coaching Isn’t

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Over the years we have had a lot of clients tell us that despite being referred to Grandma’s Jars by trusted friends or family they were initially very hesitant to try budget coaching. They knew they could do with some help getting their finances sorted but the idea of sharing intimate details about their spending habits and finances to anyone, let alone a stranger, was very disconcerting. At Grandma’s Jars we understand that talking to a stranger about your finances can be a very difficult thing to do. Admitting we need the help is often the first hurdle but then there is the fear that we will be judged or ridiculed for the financial mess we find ourselves in. In this blog post I want to address some of these concerns or misconceptions by outlining what budget coaching is (and isn’t) at Grandma’s Jars. A Budget Coach Doesn’t Tell You What You Can and Can’t Spend Money On We often find that our clients are initially fearful that by taking on a budget coach they will lose control over what they can and can’t spend their money on – this is not true. The golden rule of money management is …

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Off Debt

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Debt is such an easy thing to take on but paying it off can be infinitely harder. Many of our members initially come to Grandma’s Jars carrying lifestyle debt that they have been struggling to get on top of for years. When approached in the wrong way, debt elimination can become frustrating and soul destroying. In this blog post, I would like to discuss the 5 most common mistakes that most people make when trying to pay off debt.