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Thanks to Debt, You Too can Experience the Lotto Syndrome

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Every week, millions of Australians head to their local newsagents to buy their lottery tickets and scratchies with the hope of that life-transforming moment when they win it big. But what few people realise is that winning the Lotto is not all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, far from being the life-changing moment you may dream it to be. Winning the Lotto harms more lives than it improves. In addition, easy access to debt is giving us the same “syndrome-like” symptoms.

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My Personal Finances are a Mess. I Don’t Even Know Where to Start!

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Earlier this week I was meeting with one of my coaching clients.  She had done a brilliant job of getting her finances under control and was now wanting to refer a friend, but first wanted to warn me in advance: “She has a good job but her personal finances are a mess, she is living pay cheque to pay cheque, her credit card is maxed, she has student loans and outstanding bills and she just doesn’t know where to start!”