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Top 10 Tips For Paying Off Debt: Consolidate Debt But Only If You Have A Budget

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  Video Transcription Hi guys, Phil McGilvray here from Grandma’s Jars. Thank you for joining us. Today we continue on with our series “Our Top Ten Tips For Paying Off Debt”. The topic of today’s tutorial is debt consolidation. This is tutorial 5. Debt Consolidation Debt consolidations is a really contentious issue, something that I do talk to my clients about a lot. It’s really important that if you are considering debt consolidation that you are doing it for the right reasons and that you are prepared for it. Very often we see people consolidate debt who have come to see us six months later and they are in exactly the same situation because they haven’t addressed the habits and behaviours that caused them to be in debt in the first place. Example Just last week I had a new couple come see me. They had a property. The property had gone up in value by about 60 000 dollars – which sounds fantastic – over the last couple of years. But in the same two years they racked up about 55 000 dollars in debt. They were asking me “should we consolidate our debt?” Unfortunately there is no easy answers to that. My …