How to Budget – An Introduction to Grandma’s Jars

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After finishing school back in the late 80’s I spent a year working in the UK as an adventure training instructor. Throughout this year I was fortunate to spend a couple of months living with my elderly Grandmother in a seaside town called Weston Super Mare. I have some wonderful memories of living with my Grandma. Her beautiful garden, the forest full of squirrels and the endless plates of cakes and crumpets just to name a few. But the thing that has stuck with me the most was the lessons I learnt from Grandma about money management.

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5 Simple Tips for Sticking to a Budget

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It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you make, if you want to succeed financially you need to spend less than you earn. This is why learning to budget is such an essential life tool. But like all things worth doing, setting up and living to a realistic budget can be a challenge.