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The Gift To NOT Give This Christmas

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Like most blokes, I have something of a phobia when it comes to shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like buying stuff, I just hate going to the shops! Oftentimes that same sentiment around Christmas leads people to the quick and convenient solution – buying a gift card – but this is the gift you should avoid giving this Christmas! It might be nice for the convenience, but it’s bad on the budget. Let’s explore what we can do instead, to ensure your budget stays on track this Christmas.

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Five Tips For A Debt Free Christmas

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Christmas time should be a wonderful time of celebration, family fun and relaxation…. well that’s the theory. The reality on the other hand can be quite different, especially when money’s tight. If you’re like most people, Christmas means stretching the limits of your credit card or dipping into the redraw facility. To help you keep your costs down and manage Christmas without the debt, here are 5 tips for a debt free Christmas!