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My Personal Finances are a Mess. I Don’t Even Know Where to Start!

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Earlier this week I was meeting with one of my coaching clients.  She had done a brilliant job of getting her finances under control and was now wanting to refer a friend, but first wanted to warn me in advance: “She has a good job but her personal finances are a mess, she is living pay cheque to pay cheque, her credit card is maxed, she has student loans and outstanding bills and she just doesn’t know where to start!”

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Top 10 Tips For Paying Off Debt: The Rainy Day Fund

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  Video Transcription Hi guys, Phil McGilvray here from Grandma’s Jars. Thanks so much for joining us. Today we are looking at tutorial four of our ten part series, our Top Ten Tips for Paying off Debt. In tutorial four today, we are looking at the importance of having a cash reserve in place before we start paying off our debt. Identifying True Savings In yesterday’s session, we looked at the importance of having a budget. And with that budget, the power behind that is that it helps us identify true savings. So once we have been through all of our expenses, we can then sit down and identify how much have we really got spare at the end of the month once all our expenses are covered. Now, the temptation is that once we identify that spare money, that true savings, is to start throwing it at our debt, at our credit card, and so on. And yes we do want to get rid of it – but the problem is, too often we will see people who go through that. They will throw their money, all their extra money, at paying off their debt only to find that …

The Three Styles of Money Management.

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Not too many people consciously think about their style of money management. For most people, day to day “money management” just happens without any real purpose or planning. Unfortunately, it is a proven fact that in the absence of ‘purpose’, people will almost always drift towards the negative mindsets and habits held by mainstream society. This is particularly true of the way we manage money and our finances…