Getting Financially Fit with a Budget Coach

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The power of a coach

The only thing that matches my passion for budget coaching is my love of long distance running. Through my twenties and early thirties I spent many weekends competing in half marathons, marathons and cross country races. I loved nothing better than heading off into the bush on a Sunday morning with the dog and good friends for a 30-35km run.

While I raced in the NSW Marathon team for a few years at the National Championships and held a couple of course records, I never really fulfilled my potential. I trained too hard, never rested enough, paced myself poorly and spent half the time injured.

I often wondered what I could have achieved had I found a good coach that was genuinely interested in me, a coach that understood me, a coach that could help me develop a long term plan and was there to make sure I rested when I needed to rest.

While my days of running competitively are behind me I have come to appreciate that the power of a good coach is not isolated to the sporting arena.

No matter who you are we are all striving to achieve goals that are personally meaningful to us. Think of those New Year’s resolutions you set every year but every year, lack of discipline, confidence or a system we truly believe in let us down.

Whether we admit it or not, we all wish that we could have someone who could journey alongside to help us achieve those things that are truly important to us. Think about your life now, what is the one thing you would love to achieve this year? Wouldn’t it make a difference if you had someone you could talk to about it, someone who genuinely cared about you achieving that goal and better yet someone who had the skills and expertise to help you achieve it?

For you this might be someone to help you eat better, exercise more, be a better Mum or Dad, manage your time more effectively or successfully build your own business.

Budget coaching

At Grandma’s Jars our mission is to educate, equip and empower everyday people to achieve the financial goals that are important to them. For us, budget coaching is about taking a genuine concern in people lives and giving them the skills and support they need to “get financially fit” and succeed with their finances. 

Practically budget coaching is about teaching our clients a proven system of money management and then journeying with them to help them save money, pay off debt and build a strong financial foundation.

A common question we get asked “Does it make sense to spend money on budget coaching if my goal is to save money?” This is a really good question but an even better question would be “How much did you save last year?” The reality for most people is that despite good intentions they never save nearly us much as they know they could or should. If this is you then the chances are you would benefit from having a personal budget coach.

We all start each New Year with great intentions but unless we are purposeful about the way we approach our money it is so easy for life to get in the way. Our goals can quickly fall by the wayside and before we know it another year (or five!) has passed us by with little or no progress made.

Having a proven system and the accountability provided by a personal budget coach makes a huge difference. Once established the majority of our clients save significantly more each month than they ever imagined they could.

Right now our average coaching client pays us $95/month for 12 months but the average amount saved each month exceeds $650. Of course everyone’s circumstances are different and there are the odd occasions where we come across clients we simply cannot help. However, those clients we do take on find the fees a small price to pay for the financial progress they are now making. 

It is also worth noting that a good coach will only ever take on clients they believe that can help. At Grandma’s Jars, our coaches love what they do because they know they make a difference in the lives of their clients. All of our coaches know what it is like to struggle financially and have experienced the power of budget coaching in their own lives. Having tamed their own money monsters our coaches are now passionate about helping others take control of their finances and get out of debt. Our previous blog post, What Budget Coaching Is, and What Budget Coaching Isn’t will give you a clearer picture of what you can expect when working with a budget coach.

If you have goals to get out of debt or save money but are struggling to do what he takes to succeed financially, maybe you should consider taking on a budget coach. The right system and accountability to stick to that system can make all the difference.

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