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How to Budget on an Uneven Income Part 2: The Penalty Rate Worker

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Living on an uneven income does add some complexity to budgeting and managing your expenses, however with the right system and a bit of discipline it does not need to be difficult. In my previous blog I outlined the two broad categories of uneven income as: The Seasonal worker – This sort of income is typical in industries such as farming, sales and tourism where income comes in lumps followed by long periods of little or no income. The Penalty Rate Worker – This type of ‘uneven income’ occurs when you work shift work or in a job that includes overtime penalty rates.

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The Ideal Bank Account Structure for your Budget

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Before I take on a new coaching client, I let them know that there are three rules to coaching that I need them to agree to before we get started. The first and most important of these rules is that they agree to do whatever I ask them to do, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. Experience has taught us that you can’t half do a budget; you can’t just pick the bits that are comfortable and easy to follow and leave the bits that are time-consuming or difficult to implement.