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How to Teach Children How to Manage Their Money

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There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to teaching our children about money. The strategies we use to teach our children need to be age appropriate and very, very relevant to the issues they face in everyday life. The purpose of this series of articles is to pass on practical skills and activities that will assist parents to take a proactive role in equipping their children with the skills on how to manage money.

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You Want To Be Debt Free? Here’s What To Do About It

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At Grandma’s Jars we are passionate about helping people take control of their personal finances and get out of debt. We have seen first hand the impact that debt has on people lives when it gets out of hand. Debt causes financial stress and is a burden that robs us off tomorrow’s cash flow making it harder to save and get ahead financially.

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I Don’t Need A Budget – She’ll Be Right Mate!

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I’ll admit it, as a financial adviser and budget coach I do tend to manage my finances on the conservative side. I don’t mind taking risks but I take calculated risks. By calculated I mean that when faced with a major financial decision I objectively considered what could go wrong, what I would lose if things did go wrong and weigh this up against what I believe I have to gain.

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Are Spending Habits Robbing You of What’s Important?

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How much have you spent this week? Do you know? Okay, so have a think back, what have you spent money on today? How about this week? How much has it added up to? Do you know? If you are like most people, you haven’t really thought about how much you have spent over the last few days. Your first thought is probably – not much, I haven’t really been anywhere to spend money. But what about the bought lunches, morning coffees, take away and parking?

The Three Styles of Money Management.

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Not too many people consciously think about their style of money management. For most people, day to day “money management” just happens without any real purpose or planning. Unfortunately, it is a proven fact that in the absence of ‘purpose’, people will almost always drift towards the negative mindsets and habits held by mainstream society. This is particularly true of the way we manage money and our finances…

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4 Ways to Ensure You Have Enough Money for Retirement

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A 2012 Study conducted by fund manager Challenger identified that the average Australian is retiring with just $60,000 in superannuation. Now many of the people retiring today have not had the lifelong benefit of employer superannuation which only became compulsory in 1992, however $60,000 is still a depressingly low figure. While most of us will have the benefit of compulsory employer contributions to help bolster our retirement savings you can be absolutely certain that employer contributions alone will not be enough to give you a comfortable retirement.

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How to Budget : Physically Have the Money to Cover Your Expenses

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How to Budget Principle #5 In Grandma’s days, budgeting was always a very tangible task. Either the money was in her jars or wallet to spend or it wasn’t. It was always very clear if you had the money to cover an expense. In today’s world of virtual jars and online banking it is easy for there to be a disconnect between what our budget says we have to spend and what our bank account says we really have available.