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Thanks to Debt, You Too can Experience the Lotto Syndrome

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Every week, millions of Australians head to their local newsagents to buy their lottery tickets and scratchies with the hope of that life-transforming moment when they win it big. But what few people realise is that winning the Lotto is not all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, far from being the life-changing moment you may dream it to be. Winning the Lotto harms more lives than it improves. In addition, easy access to debt is giving us the same “syndrome-like” symptoms.

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Paying Off Credit Cards: I Can and I Will!

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When it comes to paying off credit cards or your lifestyle debt, belief is an important ingredient for success. Without belief, it is very hard to persevere. If you like most people you have struggled with your credit cards for many years it is likely that your confidence and self-belief have taken a hit. As a budget coach I have found that the most powerful way to build belief is to have a written plan outlining the practical steps you need to take to succeed.